Frozen Pipes

At Regina Plumbing we offer heating devices especially developed to thaw pipes without damage to the plumbing. 

Frozen Pipes in Regina

With Canadian winters and the very low temperatures we experience, frozen pipes are a real possibility. They can damage the pipelines leading into the home. This means a curtailment to all water in or out. If your pipes do become frozen, it is critical that they be thawed as soon as possible to prevent bursting.

We are happy to serve your needs dealing with Frozen Pipes:

If you have questions or concerns, call us at Regina Plumbing. We will be happy to have a customer service representative speak with you and explain all that is necessary to keep your pipes in fine shape.

Need Frozen Pipes Thaw Service?

Choosing Regina Plumbing means you are choosing the best available craftsmanship available in the area.  We are able to address simple drips as well as the most severe drainage or pipework problems.

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